Thursday, April 16, 2015

Waiting for Amazon!

So today, we finally finished the final draft of "Heir Of The Blood King", the first book of the Adventure of Adam series!

I submitted my copyright application today, so far so good.

It was such a relief to have my baby ready to publish.  There may be a couple of errors left, but we couldn't find them.  I was very nervous about the formatting.  I've read many horror stories of people uploading their work to Amazon only to discover a formatting nightmare.

I got my copy uploaded and used the virtual device simulator and I was amazed at how nice the finish product looked.  The copyright page itself looked a little goofy.  My OCD kicked in and I thought about doing an edit and resubmitting again.

But then, I stopped myself.  The remainder of the book looked wonderful on every one of the simulated devices I tried.  Besides, I've seen a lot of ugly copyright pages in my day being a reader.  So I left it as it, just to eliminate the risk of creating a nightmare of my own making.

Now I'm waiting for the 12 hour Amazon review process to be complete.  I hope it is finished well beforehand so I can publish a link for my friends and family.


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