Saturday, April 18, 2015

How Self Publishing Makes Me Want To Pull My Hair Out

Ok, this is cheesy public domain pic kind of day!  Obviously, I'm a dude and the picture isn't, nevertheless, it conveys my sentiment this morning.

Yes, I know that I only uploaded my self published work to Amazon just a few days ago.  I had also expected this to be a marathon, not a sprint.

My original idea was to setup a blog tour for August.  I've reached out to several tour organizers and I haven't heard anything back.  That's cool and all.  I know that I stay pretty busy myself, so they must be busy themselves.

But I'm not a sit back and wait kind of guy.  I like to take initiative.  Action is always better than inaction.  When I don't take charge of something that is important to me, I quickly drown with apathy.  I know, I should be more Zen, find just the right balance.  However, like a chihuahua, I'm up and down all over the place, barking and chasing my tail and nipping at the heels of every stranger.

I decided that while I waited, I would go ahead and find some bloggers who might be interested in doing a review.  The fact is, quite of few of the bloggers that I found on Google by searching "Young Adult Book Blog Reviews" in fact, are not accepting submissions.  Still, others will not accept submissions from self publishers.

When I weighed the options of going publisher vs. self publishing, the main reason I decided to self publish was because I thought by doing so, I would potentially contribute to the successes of self publishing authors.  Publishing houses have been notorious in the past for being nit picky.  For example, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter was thrown into a trash can and rejected more than a dozen times before someone saw what they had right in front of them.

To me, self publishing is how we can tap into all the potential on this planet so that writers can write without fear of rejection.  That fear can inhibit the creative process.  Yes, there would be more books to sort through to find those rare gems of genius, but the benefit far outweighs the struggle.

So this is my rant.  Maybe I'm just not in the mood today to run into barriers.  For now, I believe I have done what I can.  I can use this time to set up my twitter account instead and write this blog post.  I will try again tomorrow.

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