Monday, April 20, 2015

So I'm Getting a New Book Cover Designed

I had a wonderful email conversation with Lola over at Lola's Blog Tours about my book and preparing it for a book tour.

Lola's site offers book blog tours, promotions and free advice.  She came across as very personal with a fast response to my questions and she held back no punches.  Her tone was courteous and engaging while she critiqued my book cover and blurp.  She also complimented my author bio and said she found it intriguing that my writing influences were connected to being an avid gamer.

At this time, Lola did not feel my book was ready to be promoted, so she graciously declined representing my book.

So this week, I will reallocate my budget and focus on finding a designer to work a concept I have in mind for a new book cover.  I have one designer that comes highly recommended, so I hope that they considered my request.

In the mean time, Barbie and I are going to work on a new blurp for the book so that it conforms to Lola's suggested edits.

When I am ready to do my tour, Lola Blog Tours has become my top choice as an organizer.  I highly recommend you check out her services for self published authors.

 Lola's Blog Tours

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