Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Book Reviews for Heir of the Blood King

This week during my book blitz with a tour wide giveaway, two of my tour hosts also did reviews of "Heir of the Blood King."  I wanted to share these on my blog because both reviewers are book bloggers who received the original copy release of the story before it was professionally edited:

I was gifted a copy of this book by the author and halfway through the book I found out the book was going on tour and I immediately signed up to host it. I made no guarantee of a favorable review.

This was an enjoyable and fast paced read. I read this with my children and we all loved the story line as it was very entertaining. The kids were disappointed with how fast this story ended. The author captured us from the beginning and kept us in his grip until the end. Very descriptive and the imagery was very vivid. Children, teens and yes, even adults will enjoy losing themselves in this adventure.

Since we read it as a family we all agreed to give it: 4 and 1/2 Stars!

My Musings :

I received a free copy from the author via Lola Blog Tours and this will in no way impact my review. It will be honest and unbiased.

The first thing which caught my attention was the book cover. I will admit that unashamedly and then the blurb pulled me in with the words - destiny, heir and prophecy. I can never resist a book with those elements.

There is no waiting period for the action to start in this book. I was plunged right into the midst of the chaos and was introduced to the 3 protagonists, Adam, Talia and Donadeir and the precarious situations they are in. Then on, the reader follows their journey from their village and their struggles to stay safe.

The story was too short, in my opinion. It felt incomplete though it was intense with the fight sequences. The narration was easy to follow with vivid imagery which allowed me to read it in one sitting. The views from all the 3 main characters added to the complexity with the revelation of their emotions and feelings. This is one story I feel which does well with no supporting characters. The pace of the tale was fast while the world building was good but short as far as it was shown. I am hoping to know more about their world in the next books.

The start does well with immersing us in the plot while the ending feels like a very big cliff hanger because the book is over even before the story is atleast quarter way through. That's the only negative I can point out.

I would heartily recommend this book to fantasy lovers with a penchant for sword and sorcery tales.

My one line review : A great but short start to a good fantasy series with a heir, a prophecy and destiny - all elements which capture the reader.

My rating : 4/5

My reread factor : 4/5

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