Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Never Give Up, Never Give In

If you are like me, you've had a lot of people come and go throughout your life.  Some want to lift you up, while others want to tear you down. Hopefully, like myself, you've ended up with more of the right people surrounding you.  If not, you can start getting toxicity out of your life today.

One of the reasons that I launched my first book so late in life was because I lacked self confidence. As I took a step towards my mid-life crisis (Yes, I'm 42 and it is the answer to life,the universe and everything), I considered my legacy.

I wanted to be remember as a good father, husband and friend. I think I have achieved that.  I couldn't have found my source of strength without my loved ones around me.

So if I had any advice for a writer out there who looks at what they just wrote and throws it in the trash (or sends to the recycling bin), it is this:

"Do what makes you happy.  If writing makes you happy, then write because you will only keep getting better at it.  Take criticism and learn from it and keep writing.  Never give up, never give in."

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