Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Identity Politics Is Communism 101

All of this "Identity Politics" you've seen over the last two years is Communism 101.

The goal is to pit "oppressor" against "victim" to divide society.

Communism is a toxic ideology that leads to the deaths of over 100 million people in the 20th Century. Most of those victims that were murdered for "the common good" were the very people that helped to promote Communism into power.

Communism and Socialism are the same things. They both usurp the property rights of a society for redistribution. Under these systems when workers feel that the weight of production on their shoulders is too great to support "the common good", productivity declines, leaving a vacuum of necessary goods and services that cause economic instability.

When people revolt against the government due to shortages, it requires a firm authoritarian hand to suppress the ensuing uprising. This leads to many, many deaths.

If you truly love people, you do not want to expose them to this kind of hell. As government power grows under mob rule of a pure democracy, the masses will vote themselves more and more benefits requiring taxpayers to foot the bill. Once taxpayers stop contributing to the system, the escalations I have outlined will ensue.

But don't take my word for it. Do a little bit a research. See how many deaths happened under Communism. Find out WHY these systems had unrest in their civilian populations.

See how the subversive politics of Communist actors mislead the masses of impoverished people into believing they were ushering in a better life for themselves. Then look at what really happened to their lives.

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