Sunday, September 6, 2015

Old Dog with a New Trick

My daughter, Luci has been writing for awhile now.  She just started her first attempt at a novel and I was blown away by some of her writing techniques.

When I opened her first draft, I was looking over her formatting at a glance and one of the things I noticed off the bat was there was mostly dialogue.  I prepared myself to write some notes to ask about the setting, then I continued to read.

What I discovered was amazing.  She had two characters with different points of view debating details about the scene.  She was able to show the character's personalities, their dynamic of how they related to each other and she described the setting of the scene from each of their perspectives as the two characters tried to decided among themselves which one was right.

She even provided some world building information about how the character's trade system worked and established far off regions and other cities other than then one the characters were currently in.

I have always struggled with convincing dialogue and seeing how she put the scene together inspired me.  So in the future, when I begin a second draft, I will be consulting my 13-year-old for suggestions!


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