Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Presentation, Attitude and Losing Self-Control

Even Batman has had a fanboy or fangirl squee moment...

This is what I needed to remind myself when the overwhelming urge of awe and inspiration strikes me.  Nothing feels so exhilarating and self-deprecating than a momentary loss of composure due to the unexpected excitement of engaging an influence, an inspiration.

It's only natural and it is only human. We strive to be the best of ourselves and sometimes we super-impose all of those notions onto others. Oftentimes, we call them heroes, mentors and idols.

Get it out of your system, even if you haven't had your coffee yet, like I did this morning. In some cases, your behavior can be expected.

Focus on the moment, let it inspire you.  Never feel ashamed. Use that as a motivation, an opportunity. Your presentation will be improved by your disposition, your attitude about how you process the experience.

My daughters struggle to keep their poise and face palm themselves after the fact. I told them to never deny their happiness no matter how silly it may feel.  Those are the moments of life where memories that will outlast time are made.  Legendary, the stuffs of immortality, snapshots in time that should be savored.

Now, I need coffee and reflection.  This is a great day!

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