Monday, July 20, 2015

My thoughts so far on Batman v Superman

When we were living in Oregon, my daughters took me to see Man of Steel for Father's Day. My expectations were reserved because I didn't know what to expect. I was not disappointed.

So later on, when it was announced that a Batman v Superman movie was in the works, I was very excited. Two of my favorite heroes on the same screen with a storyline that had been in the comics for quite some time.  My mind soared with casting choices and sequences they might choose to bring to the big screen.

My excitement diminished when I heard Ben Affleck was playing Batman.  It's not that I don't like him, to the contrary, I've been a fan since I saw him in Chasing Amy.  I even loved his performance in Daredevil.  I could not see him as Batman because I kept imagining the Ben Affleck portraying the caricature of himself in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.  I couldn't take the casting seriously.  My wife was excited for this movie as well up until Affleck was announced.

I reserved judgment.  I know he can be one hell of an actor and he might surprise us.  Plus he had the right build.

When I started to worry was when I saw all of the other casting parts for JLA members.  It's not that I didn't like the actors involved, it was the number of actors involved.  I wanted to see Batman v Superman, not a JLA movie right now.  Do JLA later, ok.  I get it though, the movie is subtitled Dawn of Justice, so a head nod would be necessary at the least.

After seeing the teaser trailer, I still wasn't on board fully with the project, still reserving judgment, still not getting my hopes up.  Then came the 2015 Comic Con trailer.  Man, I was blown away.

When I watched Ben playing Bruce kneeling on the streets of Metropolis protecting that little girl as he watched Zod and Sups duke it out shattering skyscrapers, that's when I knew Ben was born for this part.  The look on his face, as he portrayed the real Dark Knight, angry and needing to come out of retirement to save the world from this new threat, was AMAZING!  Affleck didn't need to say anything.  His face told the whole story.

And then the fight sequences.  When Sups walks up to the Batmobile and rips the shell from it, I felt the chills run down my spine when Batman slowly stood up.  Oh, it's on!

So, needless to say, I'm no longer holding out and playing it safe.  I'm ready for this movie even with all the additional characters that I don't think are needed.  WW looks beautiful and powerful. Aquaman is spectacular and Lex, oh wow, is gonna be wonderful.

"Do you bleed?"

"Yes, my heart is bleeding because I want to see this movie, RIGHT NOW!"


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